Protect Your Visibility With Windshield Wiper Fluid

Are you among the many drivers who don't understand how important quality windshield wiper fluid truly is? It keeps your vehicle's windshield clean, which is vital to staying safe on the road. If your visibility suffers, then you are more likely to have a wreck.

Please do not fall into the common trap of trying to replace your car's wiper fluid with water after you have used it up. Water's freezing point is considerably higher than the freezing point of real windshield wiper fluid, and you cannot use it once it has turned to ice. Real wiper fluid has another advantage over water: its special detergents and cleaning solvents. Without these, water has a much harder time trying to break down all the dirt, grime and dead insects on a car's windshield. Plus, water breeds more harmful bacteria than the specialized washer fluid.

Please speak to our service team at Porsche Birmingham here in Irondale, AL if you are curious about importance of windshield wiper fluid.

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