Clear Signs Your Exhaust System is Leaking

If the exhaust system is failing, you run the risk of dangerous gases getting into the vehicle's cabin where you and your passengers are breathing. Here are a couple warning signs to pay close attention to as you maneuver the Irondale, AL streets.

If you feel a vibration that is new while driving, it could be an issue with a rusty pipe or a hole in the muffler. You'll feel this vibration either with your foot on the gas pedal or with your hands while driving the car. The vibration means the engine must work harder to power the car, lowering gas mileage too. If you hear a popping or hissing coming from the engine, investigate closer. If these sounds are coming from the exhaust manifold, it could be air escaping that contained system.

Don't put off this concern, get to the Porsche Birmingham auto service center so we can have a team member identify the cause of your concern with the leaking exhaust system.

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