Explore the All-New and Refreshed Porsche Macan

Every year, you try something new to improve yourself and your life. Maybe you start working out or you decide on a new hairstyle. Some folks focus on their career while other make a commitment to spend more time with their family. The all-new Porsche Macan has made quite a few changes this year.

While many of the nuances are still unknown, this small Porsche SUV rolls out with a variety of styling changes. Just as we may buy new clothes when we are looking for a change, the Macan is outfitted with a variety of style improvements. They could range from new aerodynamic cuts and lines to new sets of headlights and taillights.

Performance and Testing

Porsche has recently showcased the Porsche Macan in a teaser video. It boasts its off-road abilities with high-altitude testing, going up to about 11,000 feet. The video was taken in Lesotho and also shows off the Macan’s off-road capabilities.

Under the hood, the standard engine of this Porsche SUV receives a bit of an upgrade and can now reach up to 300 horsepower. Higher trim levels of the small SUV sport an even more powerful engine that has the potential to reach about 434 horsepower. It is suspected that the interior technology will also get an upgrade and feature Porsche PCM infotainment system.

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