What is Porsche Connect?

What is Porsche connect?

What is Porsche Connect?

Buy or lease a new Porsche and enjoy a whole new life of luxury on the road with Porsche Connect. Our Porsche dealership near Birmingham, AL, has an amazing selection of new Porsche luxury sports cars that are made for drivers who refuse to settle for less. With Porsche Connect, you'll have an intimate connection to your vehicle whether you're taking a stroll through the countryside, or enjoying the comforts of home. Planning  your next trip? Want to keep tabs on your vehicle remotely or crave added convenience behind the wheel? You're sure to fall in love with Porsche Connect.

Porsche Connect

With the Porsche Connect module, your smartphone becomes your copilot. Boasting Apple CarPlay™ and Porsche Car Connect, your vehicle becomes smarter than ever while keeping you in control at all times. And with integrated wireless internet access, you can connect online no matter where you travel.

Thanks to Porsche Car Connect Services, you can do things like check your vehicle's data or remotely lock and unlock your car. You can even download the Porsche Car Connect App onto your smartphone or Apple Watch®, so you can remain in complete control. This allows you to monitor everything from fuel consumption, average speed and distance covered to the charging status of your hybrid vehicle. With this app, you can also select a preset time for the air conditioning to turn on in your vehicle to ensure it aligns with your daily routine.

Porsche Connect also comes with Navigation Services and other convenience features that enhance your driving experience. With Real-time Traffic Information, Google® Earth, 3D Satellite View and online map updates, you'll always be able to arrive at your destination without worry. You can even create personal lists for your favorite restaurants and points of interest in the Porsche Connect Portal and transfer them over to your navigation system. Additional benefits of the Porsche Connect system include the ability to check weather, monitor fuel prices, view flight information, get updated news and find nearby parking options.

Download the Porsche Track Precision App and let the statistics speak for themselves. This app provides you with perks such as video analysis, driving performance analysis, automatic lap recording time, vehicle data and more. So, get race-track ready with your new Porsche today!

What Porsche Models Have Porsche Connect?

New Porsche models are available with either Porsche Connect or Porsche Connect Plus, which vary in the features they offer. When you buy a new Porsche 718 Boxster, Porsche 718 Cayman or Porsche Macan, you have the ability to choose Porsche Connect or Porsche Connect Plus, depending on the specific model and trim you select. Porsche Connect Plus comes as standard equipment when you buy a Porsche 911, Porsche Panamera or Porsche Cayenne.

Schedule a test-drive today at Jackie Cooper Imports to find out which Porsche Connect-equipped model is right for you!

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