The purchase of a new Porsche is more than a mere acquisition.  It's an experience.  Our European Delivery Program can make it unforgettable.

Porsche Enhances European Delivery Program
New improvements aimed at enthusiasts

  ATLANTA - Feb. 27, 2012 - Porsche Cars North America today announced several enhancements to its European Delivery Program. The revised experience provides customers the opportunity to purchase their new Porsche vehicle from any participating authorized Porsche dealer in the U.S. and take delivery of their new car at their choice of one of the automaker's two German factories. The program is now offered at no additional charge to customers and includes access to discounted airfare and hotel accommodations.

Upon arrival in Germany, guests are provided with complimentary transportation from the airport to either Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the iconic 911, Boxster and Cayman sports cars are manufactured, or to Leipzig where the Cayenne SUV and Panamera Sport Sedans are produced. The customer can choose either location, regardless of the model purchased.

Both locations offer a factory tour, allowing guests to see first-hand how a Porsche automobile is created. For owners that choose Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, entry into the Porsche Museum is provided, where more than a half-century of Porsche sports and race car evolution is on display. Owners that choose the Leipzig factory will have the opportunity to drive a number of different Porsche models on the Test Track or test the capabilities of a Cayenne SUV off-road.

Upon arrival at the factory, owners are presented with the keys to their new Porsche, after a thorough presentation of their vehicle by a trained expert in an exclusive setting. Special photographic opportunities exist using either the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart or the "Porsche Diamond," the main building at Leipzig, as a backdrop.

Guests are then able enjoy their new factory-fresh Porsche on the winding roads and autobahns of the region. The program allows guests to tour Europe, or stay in Germany for up to two weeks to explore the cities and countryside that inspired Porsche's unique design and exhilarating performance.

The comprehensive program, which started February 1st, 2012, includes factory delivery and all associated activities including temporary insurance, registration and winter tire usage (if needed. Shipment to the U.S. is included and can be handled by either factory.

Your Adventure Begins
Imagine the first encounter with your Porsche sports car or SUV - not in downtown traffic, but rather on the very winding roads, autobahns, and the beautiful countryside that inspired its unique design and exhilarating performance.  Imagine touring the factories in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig where your Porsche is meticulously crafted, then being presented with your keys and an even more gratifying opportunity:  the chance to tour Europe in rare style behind the wheel of the world's most spirited automobile.

The Ultimate Vacation
Touring Europe in a new "factory fresh" Porsche represents the ultimate vacation for driving enthusiasts.  Fortunately, the Porsche European Delivery Program can easily make that ultimate vacation a reality.

It begins when you order your new Porsche from an authorized Porsche Dealer in the United States or Canada for delivery at the factory.  When you arrive in Germany, your first few hours will be spent as the special guest of Porsche.  You can visit the Porsche Museum and stroll through a half-century of sport car evolution in Zuffenhausen or experience our state-of-the art facility in Leipzig, the birthplace of the Porsche Cayenne.  A tour of the Zuffenhausen factory allows you the opportunity of following in your Porsche's footsteps during its creation.  Enjoy lunch at either factory location in the VIP dining room.  Shop in the exclusive Porsche Boutique.  And feel your anticipation build!

Naturally, the best is saved for last.  A Porsche Delivery Consultant will hand you the keys to your new Porsche and acquaint you with its operation and features.

What happens next is up to you.  Explore the charm and history of Germany.  Sprint to Paris, Rome, Prague or any other exciting European city you choose.  Unleash the power of your Porsche on the autobahn or, with the Cayenne, even off-road.

Revel in its precise handling on the countless serpentine back roads.  Let the Porsche Travel Club assist you in devising a precise itinerary, or simply see where the nearest road leads.  The freedom to tour Europe in exquisite fashion is yours, without the cost and inconvenience of renting or leasing a car.

Porsche's all-inclusive program includes factory delivery, shipment of your automobile to North America, marine insurance, collision and third-party insurance.  Even the cab fare from the airport to the Porsche factory and one free hotel night is included!

For information about Porsche Leipzig, home of the Cayenne and Carrera GT, and that special European Delivery program.

Ordering Your Porsche

Eligibility, Procedures and Paperwork

Any resident of the United States or Canada can take advantage of Porsche?s European Delivery Program, provided they place a vehicle order with and purchase that vehicle from an authorized Porsche dealer.  Participants must take delivery of their vehicle in person at the Porsche factory in Germany.  Military personnel stationed in Europe are not eligible under the terms of this program.  People with special work or study arrangements may be restricted as a result of regulations within the country in which they will be working or studying. (If there is a question concerning eligibility, a diplomatic or counsel office of the host country should be contacted prior to placing the order.)


The Porsche European Delivery program involves a few basic steps:

1. Place an order with any authorized Porsche dealer in North America.

2. Choose the model, options, and date you would like to pick up your Porsche in Germany (weekends and German holidays excluded).

3. To ensure that you receive the exact Porsche you want on the delivery date you specify, place your order at least 12 weeks prior to delivery.  Your dealer may still be able to find you a car in less than 12 weeks, but your selection may be limited by production availability.  Delivery dates for "special orders" involving custom or non-standard colors and interiors are subject to material availability.  Please check with your dealer.
4. To place the order, fill out the European Delivery Program Car Order Form and give your dealer a deposit (which will be applied toward the price of the car when you are asked to submit payment).  The order is subject to confirmation by Porsche Cars North America, Inc.  You will need to determine how long you will be driving your Porsche in Europe and have your dealer enter the length you'll need insurance for your Porsche in your Tourist Delivery order form (various insurance time-frames with a maximum of six months ? please ask your dealer for specific extended insurance times available). 

Make sure you read and understand all of the conditions printed on the European Delivery Program Car Order Form.  If you have any difficulty in ordering, please do not hesitate to call your dealership or any other authorized Porsche dealer.

The Paperwork

Upon receiving final payment, your dealer will give you the Monroney Label for your vehicle.  This document serves as proof of payment in full for your Porsche and must be presented at the factory when you take delivery of your automobile.  It is also the final confirmation that your Porsche will be ready on the specified delivery date.  Please be certain the Monroney Label checks against your copy of the European Delivery Program Car Order Form regarding the model, options, insurance and delivery date.


Payment must be made to your authorized Porsche dealer.  Full payment includes the purchase price of the vehicle that was negotiated with your dealer (base price plus options) and the refundable security deposit.

Note: German tax laws require a Value Added Tax (VAT) to be paid on all purchases.  A security deposit to cover the VAT is therefore required at the time of payment for your tourist vehicle and is fully refundable (along with interest at the prevailing rate) when your vehicle has cleared customs in North America.

Additional Information

Order cancellation

Should it be necessary for you to cancel your order, a cancellation fee of 1% of manufacturer?s suggested retail price may be assessed.  If you have already been given the Monroney Label, you must return it before your dealer will refund the car payment, less the cancellation fee.

Change in Arrival Date
Should you need to change your arrival date in Europe, be certain to contact your dealer before departure so that the Porsche AG Delivery Center can accommodate your new time of arrival.

Your Arrival

Finding your Porsche in Stuttgart

The Porsche factory for our line of sports cars is located at Porscheplatz 1 in the Stuttgart suburb of Zuffenhausen, Germany.  From the Stuttgart Airport, take a cab and ask for "Porsche Werk 2, gate Porsche Museum" on the "Porschestrasse".  The taxi ride takes about 20 minutes.  Be sure to ask the driver for a receipt so you can be reimbursed by PCNA's European Delivery Department.

The New Car Delivery Center is open for car deliveries Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except weekends, German holidays and the factory vacation in July/August.  While in Europe, questions should be directed by telephone to +49 (0) 711/ 911-25388.

As our special guest, you are invited to visit the nearby Porsche Museum for a rare glimpse at some of the most groundbreaking sports cars in motorsports history.  Also on display is Porsche Number 1, the very first realization of Ferdinand Porsche?s dream to engineer the ultimate driving experience.

Tour the Porsche factory and you'll witness many other dreams in the making for a select group of driving enthusiasts around the world.  From the hand-stitching of a cabriolet top and the meticulous and detailed work covering even the tiniest interior part with leather, to the breathtaking event when the powertrain and the body are put together (known as the "The Marriage"), our renown care and craftsmanship is apparent at every point along your journey into the inner workings of Porsche.  Afterwards, you are invited to enjoy a complimentary lunch in the Executive Office Building and shop for exclusive merchandise at the Porsche Selection Boutique adjacent to the Delivery Center.

Find your Porsche in Leipzig

The Porsche factory for Cayenne and our fabulous Carrera GT is located at Porschestrasse 1 in northern part of the city of Leipzig, Germany.  From the Leipzig Airport, take a cab and ask for the "Porsche Fabrik", exit "Leipzig Nord", GVZ (Güterverkehrszentrum).  The taxi ride takes about 15 minutes.  Be sure to ask the driver for a receipt so you can be reimbursed by PCNA's European Delivery Department.

Experience the thrill of a stepp chicane, similar to the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, take the curbs as if you were at the Nürburgring and feel the exhilarating g-forces in the section based on the Parabolica at Monza on our FIA-compliant and for professional competition use fully approved track.  If that's not enough for you, there are also sections reminiscent of the Loews curve at Monaco, the Curve di Lesmo at Monza, and the Bus Stop at Spa-Francorchamps.

While the on-road test track provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the outstanding performance of the Cayenne on tarmac, the off-road circuit gives you a taste of the vehicle's handling in more extreme conditions.  Although only 6-km (3.7 miles) in length, the course is packed with a number of different obstacles and challenges, each one designed to demonstrate the all-terrain potential of the Cayenne.  Eighteen training modules put your driving skills to the test, showing you how to achieve the optimum balance and response from your vehicle, including an obstacle log course, ramp crossings, a seesaw, twist humps and a stepped ascent, followed by a 50-meter wading.

For information about Porsche Leipzig, home of the Cayenne and Carrera GT, and that special European Delivery program visit Momentum Porsche.

Touring Europe


When you pick up your new Porsche, you will need a copy of the Monroney Label given to you by your dealer.  You must leave this copy with your Delivery Center Consultant.  You will also need a current passport and a valid driver's license. (An international driver's license , available at nominal cost through any AAA auto club office  is suggested to avoid language problems while touring Europe.  If you have only your stateside or Canadian license, some countries could request notarized translations.)  Any additional insurance premiums will be due at this time (see insurance section).

At the time of delivery, in addition to one pristine new Porsche with a full tank of gasoline, your European Delivery Consultant will present you with the following documents:

  • Owner's Manual and Warranty Book
  • Insert for Tourist vehicles (clarifying your responsibilities in Europe)
  • International Registration booklet
  • Yellow and green Proof of Insurance Card
  • Porsche Assistance (for personal insurance and various traveler?s aids, valid up to three months)
  • Dealer Guide Booklet listing Porsche Authorized Dealers of Europe
  • Export Documentation (essential for proving exportation)
  • Return Shipment Voucher (for return shipment of your Porsche to North America)
  • Carry these documents with you in the car at all times during your trip.

Helpful Information

A Note About European Fuel

Your new Porsche will be built to specifications meeting all U.S./Canadian safety and emission control requirements.  Unleaded fuel is now widely available at most major gas stations in Western Europe.  The use of leaded fuel in your Porsche may invalidate your automobile's warranty and/or make it necessary to exchange the catalyst and oxygen sensor at your expense.  When you return your Porsche for transatlantic shipment, it will be tested per U.S. regulation to determine whether the vehicle was misfueled.  Should you elect not to use the free return shipment through Porsche AG, such lead testing could become your responsibility and, upon importation, may be required to satisfy U.S. Customs.

Currently, the European Delivery program provides 16 days of collision coverage and third-party liability insurance, commencing on your specified delivery date.  You are therefore fully insured (liability insurance and collision coverage) for the first 16 days of your trip.  If your European travel plans exceed 16 days, you may obtain additional automobile insurance.

At the time of ordering, it is advisable to work with your dealer and obtain additional third-party liability and collision coverage for periods beyond the 16 days included in the program.  Extensions to this coverage may be obtained in Europe, but the process is time-consuming and may interfere with your travel plans.  You may pay for the additional insurance at the factory in Euro, U.S./Canadian Dollars, credit cards, or Traveler's Checks.  The insurance coverage indicated on the European Delivery Car Order Form will be included in your papers.

Remember, your U.S./Canadian coverage is not valid in Europe.  Third-party liability insurance covering the length of your European stay is required to ensure that the required international registration remains valid.  Please do not overlook this critical point:  your European auto registration is valid as long as you are covered by third-party liability insurance.  Should you be caught without adequate liability insurance during your trip, your car could be confiscated as you cross an international border.

It is also important to note that if your arrival at the factory is delayed from the date specified on the insurance forms, only the remainder of your registration and liability insurance will remain in force.  Be sure to notify your dealer directly if there is a last-minute change in your arrival date.

The warranty terms valid outside the United States/Canada are presented in the booklets issued to you during delivery.  Any work done on your Porsche should be performed as specified in the Warranty and/or Maintenance booklets by a dealer listed in the Porsche Authorized Dealers booklet.  Please refer to the maintenance booklet?s schedule outline to determine when you will be charged for the first maintenance service.  We urge you to follow these suggestions in order to ensure that the warranty remains valid.

Shipping your Porsche Stateside

Returning Your Porsche

Your Porsche can be dropped off free-of-charge at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart.  The factory can facilitate the return of your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  It is recommended that you return your vehicle to our factory so that any warranty work can be performed by Porsche's factory technicians.  Please note, however, that the factory shop is completely booked at times, which could delay shipment of your vehicle to North America.

If you would like to make alternate arrangements for dropping off your vehicle for return shipment, we have made arrangements with Schenker International, which allows you to drop off your vehicle in 18 major cities throughout Europe:

  • Austria (Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, and Salzburg)
  • Italy (Rome and Milan)
  • Switzerland (Zurich and Geneva)
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • Belgium (Brussels)
  • France (Paris and Nice)
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Seville, and Valencia)
  • Germany (most major cities)
Additional drop-off points are available upon request.  Additional charges will apply to cover the transportation cost from the drop off location to the Porsche factory in Stuttgart or Leipzig (drop-off at either factory is free of charge).  Please contact Schenker Germany to set up a day and time at the alternate drop-off point of your choice and for detailed information on additional drop-off points within and outside of Germany (detailed contact information will be sent to you with your European Delivery package).

Your Porsche will be fully insured for the return shipment, but personal items left in your car are not covered, so be sure to remove any personal belongings from your new Porsche prior to turning it over for shipment.  The International Registration booklet will also be needed in order to leave your car with our shipping agent

Your Porsche's Arrival

U.S. Customs duty and clearance fees and/or Canadian Customs clearance, if applicable, will be arranged by Porsche as a service to you.  Porsche Cars North America, Inc. can transport your vehicle to any authorized Porsche dealer at the prevailing inland transportation fee. (Inland transportation insurance will be included.)

Please inspect your Porsche at pick-up to ensure that any damage incurred during transportation is noted.

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